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400 Club

400 Club latest draw results

The winners of the most recent 400 Club draw, which took place on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at the Coloma Christmas Fair, are: 

1st  prize, £100: Mr H. Bismohun

2nd prize, £50: Mrs M. Martin

3rd prize, £25: Mr and Mrs Dabrowa

Mr M. Beswick was the winner of the 400 Club hamper. 

400 Club 2016 Review

Mrs Martin and JennyAt the Annual General Meeting on 27 January 2016, 400 Club organiser Jenny Vickers (pictured presenting the 400 Club cheque to Mrs Martin) gave an overview of the performance of the 400 Club in 2015. 

Jenny explained that the purpose of the 400 Club is to raise funds for the school minibuses. She said that the funds covered vital maintenance and repairs to the buses, which transport students and equipment to music and sporting events. Jenny said that one minibus was in an accident last year. Fortunately the two teachers in the vehicle were not injured but the minibus was damaged beyond repair. This has significantly reduced the transport available to the school and, said Jenny, it is imperative that the minibus is replaced.  

There are currently 188 members of the 400 Club and membership is dwindling, with just 16 Year 7 parents joining in 2015.  A 400 Club appeal letter will be sent to parents to try to encourage membership.  

Jenny thanked Mr Martin, who maintains the minibuses himself wherever possible to save costs, and also Breda Mannion, who has donated vehicle hampers for the last few fairs to help raise further funds.

Jenny presented Mrs Martin with a cheque for £3,146 representing funds raised by the 400 Club during 2015. 

Mrs Martin expressed her gratitude, saying the minibuses were vital to enable the girls’ participation in extracurricular activities. She also asked parents to let her know if they were aware of any inexpensive but good quality minibuses. 

About the 400 Club

The 400 Club was set up to raise money for the school's three minibuses, which are used extensively by Coloma pupils and members of the school community. 

Every parent is automatically a member of the Coloma Parents' Association (CPA), and for those who cannot always help out in a practical way joining the 400 Club is like taking part in our very own lottery and a really good way of supporting the CPA. Joining costs just £20 a year. Every year there are four draws paying out a total of £700 in prize money. 
If you are not a member, please do consider joining so we can continue funding the minibuses. A big thank you to our current members for their support - we wish them luck in the next draw.

To join, all you need to do is fill in the form on the pop-out menu, top right, and send it, together with your payment details, to the organiser, Jenny Vickers, via school reception.