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Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

Archbishop Lanfranc Academy -  a Coloma Trust


The new Archbishop Lanfranc Academy will provide an opportunity for The Coloma Trust to extend its positive, life-changing reach to hundreds more Croydon school-children.
Mrs Martin, Chief Executive Coloma Trust


With the Quest Academy officially recognised as one of the UKs fastest improving academies, The Coloma Trust was invited by the Department of Education to extend its family of schools by sponsoring an additional Croydon Academy. The Archbishop Lanfranc School passed to The Coloma Trust and Coloma Convent Girls’ School in the Autumn of 2014.   

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy will be led by Principal Designate, Michael del Rio, supported by Andy Crofts as Executive Principal who will retain his role as Principal of the Quest Academy. Mrs Maureen Martin, Headteacher at Coloma Convent Girls’ School for 18 years and Executive Principal of the Quest Academy will oversee all three of the Trust’s schools as well as continuing her role as Headteacher at Coloma. 

The progress at Quest has exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic among us. I am looking forward to the challenges we will face at Archbishop Lanfranc and ensuring that all students benefit from the outstanding education offered by Coloma. I have worked alongside Maureen and Michael for four years now and am confident that our joint expertise will lead Archbishop Lanfranc to future excellence.
Andy Crofts. Executive Principal, archbishop Lanfranc

There are already big plans for Lanfranc with a multi-million new building in the next few years and the introduction of a 6th Form.  

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