These tables list all school staff and the roles/departments within which they work.


Senior Leadership Team
Mrs E Englefield Headteacher
Mrs A Stott Deputy Headteacher: Teaching & Learning, CPD
Mrs D Bumford-Sinclair Assistant Head: Pastoral & Inclusion
Mr M Gearey Assistant Head: Curriculum
Miss C Huggett Assistant Head: Head of Sixth Form & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr D Langley Assistant Head: MIS, Data & Examinations
Miss M Wake Associate Assistant Head: SEND Coordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss J Francis Business Resources Leader  


Heads of Year
Mr J Kelly  Head of Year 7
Miss A Powers  Head of Year 8
Mrs H Stack  Head of Year 9
Ms H Humphries  Head of Year 10
Mr G Davies  Head of Year 11
Mrs A Gummett  Head of Year 12
Mrs M Franklin   Head of Year 13


Miss M Wake SEND Coordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead


The Art Team
Full Time  
Mrs C Hannaby Team Leader
Ms S Russell  


The Business & Economics Team
Full Time  
Mrs C Abbott Team Leader Business
Ms C Huggett Business
Part Time  
Mr D Wood Economics


The Computer Science Team
Full Time  
Mrs L Cheong-Took Team Leader
Mr N Beever  
Mr J Kelly  
Ms S Russell  


The Design Technology Team
Full Time  
Mrs H Stack Team Leader
Mrs A Aslam     


The English Team
Full Time  
Mrs M Holloway Team Leader
Miss M Batka  
Mr G Davies  
Mr N Hart  
Mrs C Farmer  
Miss R Dawson  
Mrs L Cresswell  


The Geography Team
Full Time  
Miss O Kelly Team Leader
Mrs S Boyd  
Ms H Humphries  


The Health & Social Care Team
Ms A Elliott Team Leader (Part Time)
Miss M Wake  


The History & Politics Team
Full Time  
Miss Lisa Hunt Team Leader (History)
Mr S Osmond  
Miss A Powers  
Mrs R Myerscough Team Leader (Politics)
Mr D Langley  


The Mathematics Team
Full Time  
Mrs A Yaqub Team Leader
Ms L Bero Maths, Business
Mrs M Franklin  
Mrs N Findlay  
Mrs S Varghese Maths, Physics
Mrs K Waran  
Ms S Campbell  
Mrs B Willis  


The Media Studies Team
Mr M Turjansky Team Leader
Mr G Davies  


The Modern Foreign Languages Team
Full Time  
Mr A Handley Team Leader
Mrs A Bloecker  
Miss J Delafosse  
Ms F Youcef  
Part Time  
Mrs E Hickey  
Mrs M Howat  


The Music, Drama & Performing Arts Team
Full Time  
Mr N Beever Team Leader (Music)
Mr J Kelly  
Miss L Woodacre Team Leader (Drama) 


The PSHE Team
Mrs J Nathan Team Leader
Mrs S Boyd  


The Physical Education Team
Full Time  
Miss H Budd Team Leader
Miss H Duffy  
Ms J White  
Miss G Leggatt  


The Social Sciences Team
Full Time  
Ms A Gummett Team Leader Psychology
Miss M Batka Psychology & EPQ Coordinator
Miss J Delafosse Psychology
Mrs C Daly Team Leader Sociology & Law
Part Time  
Mrs N Gordon Law
Mrs A Roberts Sociology


The Religious Studies Team
Full Time  
Miss K Thomas Team Leader
Miss R Andersen  
Dr S Srikantha  
Mrs L Ridal  
Mrs D Bumford-Sinclair  
Mrs N Gordon  


The Science Team
Full Time  
Miss H Bowler Team Leader Biology
Dr T Krzyzewski Team Leader Chemistry
Mr P Mainoo Team Leader Physics
Ms S Davidson Science
Miss E Gudge Biology, Chemistry
Mr M Gearey Biology, Chemistry
Mrs S Unwin Chemistry
Ms S Milton-Thompson Biology, Chemistry, Physics 
Mrs A Stott Chemistry
Mr T Beck Chemistry
Miss A Ward Science
Part Time  
Mr S Walker Physics
Mrs S Dillon Biology


Staff on Maternity Leave
Mrs R Myerscough Head of Politics & EPQ
Mrs S Unwin Assistant Head: Curriculum & Raising Standards


Language Assistants
Mrs V Leang French (part-time)
Mrs I Mocanu German (part-time)


Laboratory Technicians
Mrs J Fallows Biology (part-time)
Mrs V Bainbridge Biology (part-time)
Mrs T Insuli Chemistry
Mrs S Jesshop Physics (part-time)


Student Services
Mrs S Simpson Student Services Manager
Mrs C Harrison Pastoral Inclusion Support Service (part-time)
Ms V Lamberth Social Worker (part-time)


Learning Support Assistants
Miss M Barrett (part-time)
Mrs S George  
Mrs D Grainger  
Mrs M Lambert  
Mrs C Morrison (part-time)
Mrs C Parreno Sixth Form (part-time) & UCAS & Pathways Coordinator
Mrs Y Powell (part-time)


Mrs S Rose (part-time)


Mrs V Davis Headteacher’s PA 
Mrs G Curtis KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs G Mitchell KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs J Ingram KS5 Co-ordinator
Mrs M Lewington Cover Co-ordinator & Supervisor
Mrs B Etheridge Reception (am)
Mrs M Butler Reception (pm)
Mrs C Craven Music Administrator
Mrs E Smith Alumnae Development Officer (part-time)


Finance & HR
Miss J Francis School Business Manager
Mrs C Ashlee Finance Assistant (part-time)
Miss H Jupp  Senior Finance Assistant (full-time)
Mrs J Knight  Finance Assistant (part-time)


Governors & Admissions
Ms J Tucknott Clerk to the Governors (part-time) & Admissions Officer
Dr J Cesarczyk Data Manager (part-time)
Mr A Bevan Data Analyst (part-time)


I.C.T. Network Manager
Mr B Court  


Exams Officer and Year 13 Study Supervisor
Mrs Y Vu  


Facilities and Site Management
Mr K Jackson Site Manager
Mr K Graham Assistant Site Manager (part-time)


Lunchtime Supervision Team 
Mrs S Simpson Supervisor
Mrs D O’Connor  
Mrs G Whelan  


School Cleaning Team
Mrs S Simpson Supervisor
Mr E Ali (part-time)
Miss S Ansah (part-time)
Mrs J Boateng (part-time)
Mrs K Bryant-Chesworth (part-time)
Mrs C Bullen (part-time)
Mrs C Bultmann (part-time)
Ms D Hammer (part-time)
Ms M McLaughlin (part-time)
Mrs A Mensah (part-time)
Mrs L Poku (part-time)


Visiting Music Teachers – All Part-Time
Miss G Bishop Singing
Mr F Brennan Percussion
Mr D Burrowes Cello
Mr J Dandy Guitar
Mr S Desorgher Flute
Ms S Doyle Piano
Mr M Ellenberger Saxophone
Miss S Fenion Music Theory
Mrs J Fiderio Piano
Ms K Furmanski Double Bass
Mr J Gibbard Guitar
Ms H Gritton Piano
Miss D Landowski Percussion and Drums
Miss K McLean Singing
Mr D Moore Piano
Mrs E Nicolaou Singing and Piano
Mr M Posner Violin 
Miss C de Maria Harp
Mr J Tweed Brass
Miss L Vincent Bassoon and Piano
Mrs H Wilson Oboe
Mrs M Woolmer Piano


Croydon Music Service/BYMT Teachers – All Part-Time
Mr C Bruinsma (CMA) Guitar
Mrs A Winter (CMA) Violin


All schools are obliged to publish the number of staff receiving salaries of £100,000 or higher on their website.
Coloma Convent Girls’ School does not have any members of staff who fall into this category.