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Language Assistants
Mrs V Leang  
Laboratory Technicians
Mrs J Fallows  
Mrs T Insuli  
Mrs S Jesshop  
Mrs S Rose  
Head of SENCO
Mrs S Richardson  
Classroom Assistants/Learning Support
Miss M Barrett  
Mrs C Morrison  
Miss R Payne  
Mrs Y Powell  
Mrs S Rose  
Miss Y Thorpe  
Mrs J Mitha Headteacher’s PA
Miss S Trembath School Sec / Clerk to Governors
Mrs G Curtis KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs S Rudduck KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs I Ingram KS5 Co-ordinator
Mrs C Ashlee Music Secretary
Mrs C Craven Music Administrator (am); Reception (pm)
Mrs B Etheridge Reception (am)
Mrs E Smith Marketing
Finance & HR
Miss J Francis (from 01.10.17)  
Mrs K Barham  
Mrs Jane Knight  
Data Manager
Dr J Cesarczyk  
I.C.T. Technician
Mr B Court  
Cover Supervisor / Examination Administrator
Mrs Y Vu  
Mrs S Simpson  
Facilities and Site Management
Mr K Jackson  
Mr D Geoghegan  
Mr K Graham  
General Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants
Mrs D O’Connor  
Miss T Rayner  
Mrs G Whelan  
School Cleaners
Mrs C Bullen  
Mrs K Bryant-Chesworth  
Mrs C Bultmann  
Ms D Hammer  
Mr A Pavalasingham  
Mrs R Selman  
Visiting Music Teachers – All Part-Time
Miss A Allen Flute and Piano
Ms M Archibald Clarinet
Ms S Blake Monteith Singing
Mr D Burrowes Cello
Mr J Dandy Guitar
Miss A Davidson Bassoon
Mr S Desorgher Flute
Ms S Doyle Piano
Mrs J Fiderio Piano
Mrs G Forsythe Piano
Ms K Furmanski Double Bass
Mr J Gibbard Guitar
Ms H Gritton Piano;
Mr Derick Kane Piano
Ms C Hope Flute and Piano
Miss D Landowski Percussion and Drums
Mrs C Ley Singing
Miss K McLean Singing
Mr D Moore Piano
Mrs E Nicolaou Singing and Piano
Mr G Passey Saxophone
Mr M Posner Violin/Viola
Miss C Sultana de Maria Harp
Miss L Vincent Bassoon and Piano
Mrs M Woolmer Piano
Croydon Music Service/BYMT Teachers – All Part-Time
Mr C Bruinsma (CMA) Guitar
Mrs A Winter (CMA) Violin
Project Consultant
Mrs M Kotalawela