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These tables list all teaching staff and the roles/departments within which they work. For a list of the School Leadership Team, including the Heads of Year, please click the menu to the left of this page and follow the link.

For a list of support staff please see separate page on the menu on the left.

The Art Team
Full Time  
Mrs C Hannaby Team Leader
Ms S Russell  
The Business & Economics Team
Full Time  
Miss C Huggett Team Leader Business
Mr D Wood Team Leader Economics
Mrs C Abbot  
The Design Technology Team
Full Time  
Mrs H Stack Team Leader
Miss A Winkley  
The English Team
Full Time  
Mrs M Holloway Team Leader
Miss M Batka  
Mr G Davies  
Miss J Staunton  
Mrs L Cresswell  
Mrs A McDonald  
Mrs J Strong  
Part Time  
Mrs S Richardson SENCO
The Geography Team
Full Time  
Mrs J Nathan Team Leader
Miss O Kelly  
Mr G Scobie  
Part Time  
Mrs R Parsons  
The Health & Social Care Team
Mrs C Dixie Team Leader
The History & Politics Team
Full Time  
Ms L Hunt (Maternity Cover) Team Leader (History)
Mrs L Cresswell  
Miss A Powers  
Mrs R Myerscough Team Leader (Government & Politics)
Part Time  
Mrs T Main  
The Computing Team
Full Time  
Mrs L Cheong Team Leader
Ms S Russell  
The Mathematics Team
Full Time  
Mrs A Yaqub Team Leader
Miss M Anton  
Mrs S Collins  
Mrs N Findlay  
Mrs K Shah  
Mr V Varatharajan  
Mrs K Waran  
Mrs B Willis  
Mr D Wood  
The Media Studies Team
Mr G Davies  
Miss A McDonald  
The Modern Foreign Languages Team
Full Time  
Mr A Handley Team Leader
Mrs A Bloecker  
Miss J Delafosse  
Mrs M Howat  
Mrs M Kelly  
Part Time  
Mrs E Hickey  
Mrs J O’Donnell  
The Music, Drama & Performing Arts Team
Full Time  
Mr J Franklin Team Leader
Mr J Fagan-King  
Miss L Woodacre  
Part Time  
Mrs G Hope  
Mrs C Longhurst  
The Physical Education Team
Full Time  
Miss H Cheeseman (Maternity Cover) Team Leader
Miss G Leggatt  
Miss M Wake  
Part Time  
Miss L Miller  
Mrs A Hiller  
The Social Science Team
Full Time  
Mrs C Daly Team Leader Psychology, Sociology & Law
Miss M Batka  
Miss J Delafosse  
Dr S Noyce  
Part Time  
Mr N Gordon  
Mr O Marshall  
The Religious Studies Team
Full Time  
Mrs P Horsman Team Leader
Mrs J Johnson  
Mrs L Ridal  
Miss K Thomas  
Part Time  
Mrs N Gordon  
Mr A Smith  
Mrs J Strong  
The Science Team
Full Time  
Ms H Bowler Team Leader Biology
Dr T Krzyzewski Team Leader Chemistry
Mr P Mainoo Team Leader Physics
Miss R Dulley  
Mr M Gearey  
Miss A Jackson  
Mrs A Stott  
Mr V Varatharajan  
Part Time  
Mrs S Dillon  
Mrs P Semple  
Miss A Waldron  
Staff on Maternity Leave
Mrs S Beard History (Team Leader)
Mrs M D’Gama Maths Teacher
Mrs C McCartney Associate Assistant Head / Team Leader of PE
Mrs S Unwin