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Coloma Convent Girls’ School is a voluntary aided, all-ability, Catholic school for girls. The Governing Body, acting through its Admissions Committee, will admit pupils each year at age 11, without regard to aptitude or ability. The school is conducted as a Catholic school in accordance with the Code of Canon Law promulgated by the Apostolic See and teachings of the Catholic Church, and in accordance with the Deed of Incorporation of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph. Coloma welcomes applications from throughout the community, regardless of faith or background, where the applicants support Coloma’s ethos and aims.

Those wishing to apply for a place at the school will find the following documentation useful:

This document contains detailed information about the school.  This document sets out the policy which will be followed for all admission applications to the school for pupil entry each September. This form must be completed online.  Information requested on this form is only used if the school is over-subscribed and there is a need to apply the over-subscription criteria in order to rank the applications according to the degree of commitment to Catholic religious practice. That ranking will determine the order in which offers of places are made.

Note to Applicants:

For all applications for places in Year 7, please ensure that you also complete the Application Form issued by your Local Authority, and return it directly to the Authority. The Supplementary Information Form is not an application form for a place at Coloma.

For all applications for places in Year 7, please ensure that you also provide a Request for Information From Priest Form completed by your priest, in order to ensure the correct application of the Admissions policy.

Applications for Academic Year 2017 – 2018