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CCF Camp

On Friday 19th January, 98 cadets, of which 35 were from Coloma, left Royal Russell at 5.30pm to journey to Longmoor army base in Hampshire for our usual winter camp. For the senior cadets, activities started immediately upon arrival and they did not see their billets until gone 11.30pm.

For most of the cadets the purpose was to obtain their Advanced Infantry Qualification and all knew this was going to be a difficult camp. The majority of the weekend was taken up with different aspects of fieldcraft and this meant being outside! The weather was NOT good, in fact it did not stop raining all day Sunday and we even experienced the snow for a while. The cadets remained in good spirits throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges they faced, including the live firing and the obstacle course.

We returned to Royal Russell around 7.30pm on Sunday, very wet and tired but with a sense of achievement. Well done to all the cadets who persevered throughout the horrendous weather and still managed to smile!