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At Coloma we actively encourage our pupils and students to become involved in school life outside of their normal academic studies. For those who have a desire to input to the running of the school itself and ensure that the “pupil voice” is heard and gains respect, the School Council provides an excellent opportunity. The Councils’ views and suggestions are welcomed and respected by the School Leadership Team. This is clearly demonstrated by the significant influence it has on school life. From input to the requirements and value for money for the new School Catering contract (Picnic bag lunches for £1) to drinking fountain provision and the proposal and setting up of the Annual whole school House Art competition, the School Council allows Coloma to actively listen to its learners. The Council makes a positive difference to school life as well as helping members to develop the self-confidence, self-respect and self-belief so actively encouraged at Coloma.

The Council meets every term and is chaired jointly by the Headteacher and the Head Girl. All students and pupils can stand for election as a representative of their own Tutor Group. Collectively the elected members represent the views of all pupils, making the commitment to regularly attend meetings, give voice to Tutor group suggestions and issues, participate in discussion and give feedback to those they represent.

Copies of the Council minutes are displayed on the Head Girls Board.