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CPA Fundraising

CPA Fundraising

The main objective of the Coloma Parents' Association is to raise funds for amenities and resources for Coloma pupils. We also work to develop good relationships between parents, the local community and the school. We engage in activities that support the school and, in doing so, help advance the education of its pupils.

Funds raised by the CPA have helped provide many items for the school, including: anatomy models for the Science department • a suite of laptops • a projector for the Hall • lacrosse goals • football equipment • the refurbishment of two grand pianos.

We have also contributed to major projects such as the new Design and Technology block and Coloma’s successful bid to acquire Specialist Music Status. None of this would be possible without the support of parents.

Our main method of raising funds is by holding a number of events each year, including a summer and Christmas fair, a May Ball, a Family Night and a Quiz Night.

We are always in need volunteers to help make these events as successful as possible. If you would like to offer your services for any event, please email COLOMA.PA@HOTMAIL.CO.UK 

CPA purchases laser cutter for Coloma

The new laser cutterMoney raised by the Coloma Parents' Association was used to provide a new laser cutter for the school in October 2012. 

Mrs Helen Stack, Design and Technology Team Leader, said the machine, pictured, was a great asset for the school. It uses a laser to cut materials such as plastic, wood, rubber, foam and paper, allowing students to produce products of a high standard. It also helps students who may have difficulties with hand-eye coordination, giving them the opportunity to realise their designs.

Mrs Stack said: "It’s an exciting and inspiring product. Once students have made something using the laser cutter, they will want to try something new."

Merryl D'Souza, CPA Chair, said: "The purchase of the laser cutter proves that all our hard work pays off and that the money we raise provides valuable extra resources for the benefit of our daughters. Well done to everyone involved in raising the funds for this."