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Government and Politics aims to promote students’ knowledge of the nature of politics and the ways in which governments operate and decisions are made. It also aims to develop students’ understanding of the different factors (political, economic and social) that influence government decisions and impact on current events. Students will gain an interest in current affairs and extend their knowledge outside lessons by following media reports of political issues, through reading UK/USA broadsheet newspapers and journals.

Skills developed through studying this subject:

  • Students become independent learners who fully up to date on current events, not only in the UK and USA but in other parts of the world.
  • Students become keen debaters, forming their own opinions whilst retaining an open mind and considering the views of others.
  • Students will learn to incorporate ICT in their learning and be practised at presenting either individual or group PowerPoint presentations.
  • Students will enhance their abilities to structure an essay and present a balanced argument.

These skills are useful in any field of work students may wish to pursue in the future. Many students use these skills to pursue a career in law, journalism, government, banking or finance.


Specification Title: LEVEL 3 Advanced GCE in Government & Politics 9PL0

The A Level Specification can be found here: Edexcel Government & Politics Specification

Key Stage 5

Year 12

Component 1: UK Politics (*Paper code: 9PL0/01)

Content overview

  1. Political Participation: students will study democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media.
  2. Core Political Ideas: students will study conservatism, liberalism & socialism (These are also covered in Year 13)

Assessment: (Public examination to be sat in the summer of Year 13) 2 hour written examination- (two 30 mark essays and a 24 mark essay)

Component 2: UK Government (*Paper code: 9PL0/02)                              

Content overview   

  1. UK Government: students will study the constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches.
  2. Optional Political Ideas: students will study one idea from the following: anarchism, feminism, multiculturalism, nationalism. (This is also covered in Year 13)

Assessment: (Public examination to be sat in the summer of Year 13) – 2 hour written examination – (two 30 mark essays and a 24 mark essay)

Year 12 Reading List- British Politics

Year 13

Component 3: Comparative Politics (*Paper code: 9PL0/3A) 

Content overview  

  1. USA Politics: students will study: The US Constitution and federalism, US congress, US presidency, US Supreme Court, democracy and participation, civil rights.
  2. Comparative Politics: Students will compare the USA and UK Political systems.

Assessment: (Public examination to be sat in the summer of Year 13) 2 hour written examination- (two 12 mark questions and two 30 mark essays)   

Year 13 Reading List- US Politics