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Health and Social Care is an applied subject which is designed to prepare young people for the wide range of jobs and careers in the Health, Social Care and Early Years’ Services. Students acquire relevant knowledge and skills through a mixture of traditional classroom based study, case studies, contact with health and social care practitioners, visits of observation to a range of different settings and work experience placements. The courses at Coloma are in the process of changing in the light of national changes in the curriculum. These changes reflect wider societal pressures to design and deliver high quality health and social care services which are more responsive to the complex and diverse needs of individuals in society. 

Key Stage 4

Year 10

There is currently no provision in Year 10

Year 11

Students are in the second and final year of the OCR GCSE single award in Health and Social Care – specification code OCR J406 

They research a health, social care or early years’ service of their choice and complete a controlled assessment for Unit 1 – Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision. This involves up to 18 hours of research and 26 hours writing up.

Topics include:

  • how service users gain access to the service and any barriers they may encounter;
  • the ways in which the service users’ needs are met;
  • the role of one practitioner who works in the service;
  • the values, skills and qualities required to deliver effective care.

Students’ work is internally assessed and subject to external moderation. The marks achieved constitute 60% of the GCSE qualification.

Students also revise Unit 2 – Understanding Personal Development and Relationships which was studied in Year 10 in preparation for their final examination.

Topics include:

  • stages and pattern of human growth and development
  • factors that can affect human growth and development
  • self-concept
  • different types of relationships
  • major life changes and sources of support.

Students will sit a 1 hour written examination, worth 40% of the GCSE Qualification on Wednesday pm June 13th 2018.

Key Stage 5

Year 12

Students in Year 12 now have the opportunity to study for either a:

Some students extend knowledge and skills developed at Level 2; others are introduced to the subject at this stage.

In Year 12, all students study Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development and Unit 2: Working in Health & Social Care. Students sit external examinations which are 1 hour and 30 minutes long as follows:

  • Unit 1 – 16.5.2018 (am);
  • Unit 2 – 23.5.2018 (am).

Double award students also study Unit 6: Work experience in Health and Social Care which involves at least 100 hours of work experience in relevant settings and Unit 7: Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care. These units are assessed via internally assessed assessments which are subject to Standards Verification.

(Next year, students who are currently in Year 12 will take the second year of their BTEC national qualification).

Year 13

Students in Year 13 are in the second and final year of the GCE in Health and Social Care (OCR H503)

They build on the knowledge and skills they acquired at AS Level by studying three additional units:

  • F919 – Care Practice and Provision;
  • F920 – Understanding Human Behaviour and Development
  • F922 – Child Development

In F920, they study the factors that can affect development and the range of psychological theories which seek to explain human behaviour. They will sit a 1hour 30 minute examination on Monday June 11th 2018 (am).

For F919, students research the impact of demography on the provision of local services and interview service users, parents, health and social care practitioners to deepen their understanding of care practice and quality assurance;

For F922, they apply the milestones of development and the factors which can affect development to a case study of their own choosing, and design a learning aid to enhance a child’s developmental skills.

Students’ learning in F919 and F922 is assessed via a portfolio of evidence which is internally assessed and externally moderated by OCR.

Year 13 Topics

Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs

Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs

Enquiries into Current Research

Promoting Public Health