Law is the study of the legal system in England and Wales and is a great opportunity to study a subject which directly affects our everyday lives and a chance to find out if you find it sufficiently interesting to devote your career to it.

We visit the Houses of Parliament as well as inviting speakers (barristers, solicitors and even a member of the House of Lords).  We visit the local Crown Court and sit in on various trials as well as organising an optional trip to the Supreme Court where we have the opportunity to take part in a mock trial.

Law is an academically challenging subject that will appeal to motivated students with a passion for affecting change in society.

Overview of each year

Year 12

Students will develop their knowledge of the English legal system and areas of both private and public law within the law of England and Wales.  Students look understanding legal method and reasoning used by lawyers and the judiciary to analyse problems based on legal principles, legislation and case law.  The syllabus looks at the English legal system, criminal law (mens rea, actus reus and the Offences Against the Person Act 1861), as well as the law making (Parliament, delegated legislation, statutory instruments etc) and the law of tort (negligence and occupiers liability).

Year 13

Students will develop the skills learnt in year 12 and will have the opportunity to revise topics covered previously with more in depth analysis.  The course also covers the nature of law (morality, justice and society) and examines Human rights law (provision, effect of the European Convention on Human Rights and enforcement of rights).

Examination Board: OCR

At Coloma we use the OCR examination board and details of the AS and A-level course can be found at;