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Why study music technology?

Almost all modern day Music is made on computers, and the ability to record in a studio has been vital to the success of Music over the last 70 years. Music Technology covers both of those aspects, including: learning how to use the recording studio, making music on the computer, using Logic Pro X, composing music using Music Technology, and controlling sound at live events. It is a great way to use your musical skills in a new, different and exciting way.

At Coloma, we have facilities that match the expectations of the course and the modern music industry: an acoustically treated recording studio with a range of professional microphones, an iMac and high quality audio interface; and an iMac suite containing 30 computers.

Music Technology is a handy way to blend musical skills with technological and scientific knowledge, in an industry where there are plenty of jobs available. It is a mostly practical course. Possible career pathways include: Sound Engineering—for Film, TV, Radio, Digital Media, Concerts; Artist/Songwriter—producing modern music; Designing Audio Equipment.

Music Technology is a completely new course at Key Stage 5, so there is no prerequisite qualification. However, a background and interest in Music is important.


Edexcel Music Technology – Specification Code 9MT0

  • Component 1 – 20% – Coursework – Multi-track recording
  • Component 2 – 20% – Coursework – Technology-based composition
  • Component 3 – 25% – Examination – Listening and Analysing
  • Component 4 – 35% – Practical Examination – Producing and Analysing
Year 12 Programme
  • Multi-track recording
  • Sequencing audio
  • Composing using Music Technology based around two set audio loops.
  • Live sound.
 Year 13 Programme
  • Multi-track recording
  • Developments in Music Technology since 1940.
  • Composing using Music Technology based on a set brief.