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It’s time to plant trees – please use Ecosia

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It’s time to plant trees – please use Ecosia

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine that ‘plants trees while you search the web’. They gain the funds to complete their environmentally beneficial projects through the online advertisements; therefore making a vast, positive impact on the world we live in. By planting trees, a lot of differences are made. The Earth’s biodiversity increases as forests are the habitats of millions of species, including the many that haven’t been discovered yet. Also, water becomes more secure when trees create moisturous microclimates that act like sponges to prevent droughts and floods. Trees act in the same way with the carbon dioxide emissions that we pollute the atmosphere with. This greenhouse gas is absorbed when plants photosynthesise, consequently clearing the air we breathe. Furthermore, soil is protected from erosion thus allowing more fertile land for people to increase with healthy as well as sustainable foods.  

Ecosia supports all of these uses and puts them into practice by fulfilling their astonishing projects. An example of one of their many missions is restoring the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. Ecosia covers an abundance of environmental possibilities over the globe, which are all accessible on their website.

Why do we want to use Ecosia?

We would like to use Ecosia because this search engine supports the Coloma ethos such as being Stewards of Creation. The most beautiful gift that God gave us is life and (as humans) we must protect and nurture it. Using Ecosia within the school is such a simple way to demonstrate ‘the significant power of one’ with every search. Additionally, as Coloma is trying to go paper free, this astonishing web browser can harmoniously support that idea of working alongside the environment – our gift from God – with ease.

Pope Francis recognises the “misuse” and “abuse” that humanity is inflicting on our planet so we need to respond to him positively together as a Catholic Community. Nature is not only immensely beautiful; it is a virtuous provider. It provides us with the food we use to eat and savour. It provides us with the water we use to drink and wash. It provides us with cotton we use to clothe and keep warm. It provides us with the air we use to breathe and laugh. Isn’t it time that humans do the same? We encourage people to use Ecosia to counteract the pollution that we inflict on the Earth and to provide for it.

It’s time to plant trees.

By Angelica Colucci and Chiara Laferla (Year 10)