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Gill Slater (1978-85) Gets a Surprise on New York Visit

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Gill Slater (1978-85) Gets a Surprise on New York Visit

Last year the crop of 1967 reached our milestone 50th birthdays. Celebrations included a get together with school friends (including older ladies from 1966). Hopefully quite a few of us will also be marking 40 years since we started at Coloma at this year’s COGA lunch! You know who you are!

Planning for the big 50 began years back. At an annual meet up somewhere in the country, we popped into a High Street bank and set up an account with small monthly direct debits. Five years later we arrived in New York!

Whilst googling St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, trying to work Mass at this stunning cathedral into the itinerary, I was totally amazed and completely thrilled to see a concert listed: “Coloma Convent Girls School Chamber Choir”! Well we made it and the choir were simply sublime. I cannot put into words the huge pride I felt.  It was a joy to bask in the glory by association – thank you very, very much to Mrs Meyer and the fabulous choir. 

Gill Slater