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Junior Show

Why do only one musical when you can do four?

For this year’s Junior Show in March, Year 7 and 8 were challenged with putting on a Mini Musical Medley, consisting of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Annie, The Lion King and Matilda. Each Year 8 Singing class was tasked with choosing a musical to put on in short form, and pupils given individual roles such as actress, script writer, costume director or technician.

The direction and guidance from the teachers was kept to a minimum, and so the responsibility was left to the pupils themselves to bring their finished product together, and they did an excellent job!

With Year 7 joining in with all the songs, the final show involved 330 performers who, across the two nights, delivered a colourful and dazzling spectacle.

The variety of musicals led to a variety of entertainment, with enjoyable individual characters, high-quality acting, well-delivered humour and enthusiastic singing.

Congratulations to all the pupils involved, and many thanks to the many staff and parents whose contributions made this superb show possible.


Photo credit © Alicia Hope Photography