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Key Family Support Staff

Assistant Head: Pastoral and Inclusion – Mrs. D Sinclair

Associate Assistant Head: SEND Coordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss. M Wake

Head of Year Team – The Head of Year Team monitor the pastoral welfare of all of the students in the year group. The teamwork with key pastoral staff to ensure pupils feel safe and supported in school.  

Head of Year 7 – Mr. J Kelly

Head of Year 8 – Miss. A Powers

Head of Year 9 – Mrs. H Budd

Head of Year 10 – Miss. H Humphries

Head of Year 11 – Mrs. L Creswell

Head of Year 12 – Mrs. A Gummett

Head of Year 13 – Mrs. M Franklin

Social Worker – Ms. A Hynes 

Inclusion, Wellbeing and Family Support – Mrs. C Harrison provides a support service for families, pupils and staff around wellbeing and inclusion.