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The Key Stage 4 Curriculum at Coloma, 2021-23

Coloma will continue to ensure that the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum in order to enable access to ambitious study and career choices. Our main pathway will continue to deliver the English Baccalaureate (or ‘EBacc’). This is not a qualification; it is a way of identifying students who have passed a particularly broad range of GCSE subjects with a grade 4 or above.

Our Full Course Guide with full details of our Courses and advice on selecting your KS4 pathway can be downloaded here: Key Stage 4 Course Booklet 2021-23

To achieve the EBacc students need to achieve a grade 4 or above in all of these subjects:

• an English GCSE
• Mathematics GCSE
• either History or Geography GCSE
• Combined Science GCSE, or 3 Separate Science GCSEs
• a modern foreign language GCSE (French and German).

These subjects are included to give students the opportunity to study a core of diverse subjects, ensuring that doors are not closed off to students in terms of future progression.

There is statutory guidance from September 2020, which requires the incorporation of personal, social, health and economic learning, (PSHE) along with relationships and sex education, (RSE) within the curriculum. Every student will receive the equivalent of a 50-minute lesson each week on PSHE, incorporating RSE.

What is the structure of the curriculum?

At Coloma, the Core Curriculum comprises courses that lead to GCSEs at the end of Year 11 in Religious Studies, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Double Award Science, a Language, and a Humanity subject. Everyone will also continue with Physical Education (non-examined) and PSHE (non-examined).

In addition to these core subjects, everyone will have the opportunity to express preferences for further study in either one or two subjects. (We ask for two requests in rank order).

• If you take two additional subjects (a total of six lessons per week) then the additional lesson of PSHE will be split into 2 parts and be delivered on two afternoons a week after the final teaching period has finished. This pathway will lead to 10 GCSEs.
• If you take one additional subject (three lessons per week), then you will have one extra lesson each of Maths and English to support your final GCSE grade; one timetabled lesson of PSHE, PE or study (school’s discretion and recommendation only). This pathway will lead to 9 GCSEs.

The Course Directory is as follows

Core Curriculum:

Religious Studies
English Language
English Literature
Combined Science

PSHE (Non-examined)

PE (Non-examined)

Modern Languages:


Other Preferences:

Art & Design
Computer Science
Design & Technology: Product Design or Textiles
Food Preparation and Nutrition
Media Studies
Physical Education
Triple Science (leading to 3 separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics)