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Coloma warmly welcomes the involvement of all parents and carers in the life of the school and we are very grateful for the assistance they already provide either through membership of the Coloma Parents Association or directly, including membership of the Governing Body.

Coloma Parents and Carers Forum

As we seek to develop parental and carers involvement and communications further, we are now in the process of setting up a regular termly Parental & Carers Forum meeting.  We really do value the views of parents and carers – not just when things go well, but also where Coloma might improve or enhance its provision, or do things differently.  Having a more formalised forum will enable us to provide parents with regular structured opportunities to share their views and we hope, learn more about Coloma.


To provide opportunity for parents, carers and the school to foster a closer relationship thereby enabling:

Enhanced sharing of information about the school, providing parents and carers with  opportunities to gain a greater understanding of how the school;

  • Measures and self evaluates pupils’ academic achievement and progress
  • Monitors, evaluates and seeks to consistently maintain and improve the quality of teaching
  • Demonstrates leadership and management through focus on maintaining  an ambitious  vision for the school, driving high expectations for learning and behaviour,  self evaluating achievement against the vision – within a framework which is mindful of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its pupils
  • Manages the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school
  • Provides a wide range of exciting and fulfilling extra-curricular activities

Additional opportunities for the school to hear directly from parents as to their own;

  • Experiences
  • Views and ideas
  • Vision

Any opportunities identified for further enrichment of pupils experience at Coloma and/or potential enhancement of their learning opportunities and achievement will be evaluated by the Senior Leadership Team within the school and incorporated into the Schools ongoing improvement plans where appropriate.

Format of the Forum

The Forum meetings are planned to last for one hour thirty minutes. This time shall be divided to enable:

  • The school to update parents and carers on school achievements, vision for the future and appropriate current issues
  • Update and feedback on key issues raised in previous forums
  • Group sessions to discuss and share views on a specific topic
  • Open forum where parents and representatives from the Senior Leadership Team have the opportunity to chat informally on any issue.

NB: The Parents and Carers forum is not intended to be a place for the discussion of individual pupil’s needs or issues. These should continue to be managed via the school’s normal process of contact directly with the appropriate Teaching staff, Form Tutor or Head of Year.

Please look out for further details about the Forum on this page as plans develop.

Text Message Service

We continue to develop our contact capabilities with parents and are using our text message service for important notices to good effect. If you have any ideas as to how this could be used further then please do let us know.

Correspondence Home

You will find on the main menu to the left the letters home page which contains copies of all the recent correspondence which has been sent home in date order. So if you think you have not received an expected letter or have perhaps mislaid your copy you can download and print another. We hope you find this useful.

Your Views on Other Information

If you have any views as to other information you would like as a parent or carer to be able to access through the Coloma Website, we are interested to hear your views.  Please do Email our Web Manager, Liz Smith at and let us know.