Each year at Coloma our pupils ably led by the Head Girl and her deputies in conjunction with the Charities Committee, discuss, agree and organise a pupil vote on the focus for the major charitable project for the year. We are very proud that our students have raised substantial amounts of charitable funding through the years and we believe this to be a crucial part of fulfilling our Christian duty of caring for others. Whilst events take place throughout the year our main activity happens in the autumn term during Charities Week. Our committee of over 100 6th Upper students ensure everyone gets involved, always doing a fantastic job organising the events and the main Talent Shows where performances as diverse as Guitar playing to the teachers rapping routine can regularly be seen! The shows are a great opportunity for everyone to have fun but in between each performance, the Charities Committee are busy collecting donations and organising other events including daily cake sales and tuck shops!

Despite what some national newspapers say about the lack of response/interest young people under the age of 19 make towards charitable causes, especially where donations are required; Coloma girls are quite the opposite. Not only do Coloma girls want to make a difference to others, they are generous with their pocket money too. Moreover, they have a true appreciation of how a good education can shape the future, enrich life and enable one to reach their God-given potential. Of course, those values and visions are stimulated and nurtured at home. Parents are the first educators of our girls and we know how much our parents support their daughters’ education.

As always, your generosity will be greatly appreciated. The Charities Team fully understand the constraints of family budgets, yet we are wealthy in our education and family life. Donations, no matter how small, collectively become a very powerful tool to the overall success of any project.