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In November 2015 Coloma experienced a whole school mission organised by the Sion Community. Following on from this we run ‘Light Fever’ sessions each week in the chapel giving the girls the opportunity for reflection and prayer.

Worship at Coloma Convent Girls’ School is an integrated part of the school day.  Every day begins with an act of collective worship, which may take place in the tutor group, as a whole year group, or whole school assembly.  Each lesson begins with a prayer.

The school chapel on site offers Mass every other Tuesday at 12.20pm which is organised and led in turn by tutor groups.  Parents are most welcome to attend this mass. On the second Tuesday of the month there is a Eucharistic service and on the fourth Tuesday of the month the Parish Priest is available in the Chapel for reconciliation. A special mass is held at the end of the end of each term in addition to a number of special services which are held throughout the year.