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The School Day2021-09-03T20:51:44+01:00


7.30am School gates open for students.

Y9-13 must go to their form rooms

Y7-8 must remain in their zones on the playground

7.45am Year 7-8 to go to their form room
8.15am (First Pips) All students and staff must go to their room for period 1.
8.20-9.10am Period 1  All students
9.10-10.00am Period 2  All students
10.00-10.20am Y7, Y8, Y10, Y13

Recess for students and form tutors

Y9, Y11, Y12

Registration with form tutor/assembly

10.20-10.40am Y7, Y8, Y10, Y13


with form tutor/assembly

Y9, Y11, Y12

Recess for students and form tutors

10.40-11.30am Period 3 All students
11.30-11.55am Y7 Lunch Canteen/Main Hall

Y8 Playground Zone 2

Y10 Lunch Canteen

Y9, Y11, Y12, Y13 Period 4





11.55am-12.20pm Y7 Playground Zone 1

Y8 Lunch Canteen/Main Hall

Y10 Lawn 1 or Form Room

12.20-12.45pm Y7, Y8, Y10 Period 4



Y9 Playground

Y11 Canteen/Main Hall

Y12 Lawn 2 or Form Room

Y13 Lunch in Sixth Form C.R.

12.45-1.10pm Y9 Lunch Canteen/Main Hall

Y11 Lawn 1 or Form Room

Y12 Lunch in Sixth Form C.R.

Y13 Lawn 3 or Form Room

1.10-2.00pm Period 5 All students


Period 6 All students

Dismissal for Y12 & Y13 at the end of Period 6

 2.50 pm    

3.00 pm

3.05 pm

3.10 pm

3.15 pm

3.20 pm


Tutor time for Y7-11

Y7 Dismissal

Y9 Dismissal

Y8 Dismissal

Y10 Dismissal

Y11 Dismissal


Students wanting the 466 or 130 towards Croydon will be lined up in years on the playground.