Uniform and Appearance

At Coloma we expect girls to take a pride in their appearance and believe that parents have a vital role to play in ensuring their daughter wears the correct school uniform, both in school and when travelling between home and school. Please note that all items of school uniform must be named and excepting Coats, Tights, Socks, Shoes & Gloves should only be purchased from our school outfitters:

Address Hewitts of Croydon
45-51 Church Street
CR9 1QQ 
Hewitts can be contacted on: Tel: 020 8688 1830 / 020 8680 4555
Email: customercare@hewittsofcroydon.com
Website: www.hewittsofcroydon.com 

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 09.30am – 18.00pm

Girls are expected to take pride in their appearance and wear the correct school uniform, both in school and when travelling between home and Coloma. All items of uniform must be named.

The items marked with an asterisk * must be purchased from Hewitts.


Compulsory for ALL pupils in Years 7 – 11:

Hewitts Style No: POB 05 portfolio bag in navy blue or black or

Hewitts Style No: BP 04 rucksack in navy blue or black, either small or large or Hewitts Style No: CB04 backpack in navy blue or black, either small or large Purse belts are strongly recommended for keeping valuables on the person.


The blazer must be worn to and from school as well as during the school day. The jumper may be removed but NOT the blazer.


A coat, NOT a jacket, may be worn in addition to a blazer, when the weather is cold. The coat must be navy blue or black and completely plain. It must not be leather or mock leather and must not have any logos.


Style No: 14

The skirt is to be worn at a length which at least reaches the crease at the back of the knee.


Style No: DL965 in navy blue

Style No: DL970 in navy blue (only available up to ages 12 – 13 years) Note: Pupils may choose between a skirt or trousers.


Winter: blue, long-sleeved, buttoned to the neck and worn tucked into the skirt or trousers.

Summer: blue, short-sleeved, open-neck, to be worn outside the skirt or trousers. This is compulsory for girls in Years 7 – 11 from the beginning of the Summer Term and for the first half of the Autumn Term (except for Year 7, who wear winter uniform from September).

No vests or undergarments are to be visible under the blouse.


The tie is to be tied in the conventional manner with a knot no larger than 3 cm (just over one inch) at the top and the wide part of the tie must meet the waistband of the skirt.


This must be replaced when it becomes worn. Cuffs should not be frayed and there should be no evidence of holes at the elbows or wrists. Sleeves must meet the wrist.


White tights, knee-length socks or full ankle (not trainer) socks for Years 7, 8 and 9. Socks must not have frills.

Opaque black tights, 60 denier, knee-length or full ankle (not trainer) socks for Years 10 and 11.


PLAIN, STURDY black leather shoes with wide flat heels (not kitten-type). Converse or other leather shoes that look like trainers are NOT permitted.

Fabric shoes are NOT permitted.

Flat, black boots may be worn to school in bad weather, but not in the building.


PLAIN black or navy blue.


Coloma School scarf * for Years 7, 8 and 9.

Plain black or navy blue scarf for Years 10 and 11


Girls must be neat and tidy at all times.


  • Hair that would cover the eyes must be clipped back / tied back away from the face. Long hair below the elbow must be tied back.
  • Hair bands, ties, clips, beads and cuffs must be plain navy blue, black, white or clear.  Decorative hair accessories are not allowed.
  • Head scarfs are allowed in plain navy blue or black only.  These must be wrapped in a compact format and tied at the back.
  • Wigs are not advised but if they are worn they should adhere to the criteria above i.e. Be a natural colour and off the face.
  • Hair may be coloured but natural hair colours only.  Any hair extensions must also be a natural hair colour.
  • Hair must be worn in a simple style.  Unconventional styles are not allowed.

If there is any doubt please contact the school before going to the hairdresser or changing your style.


  • No make-up, fake tan or nail varnish may be worn in school
  • Nails should be kept short and nail extensions of any kind are not permitted
  • Spray deodorant, body sprays or perfumes of any kind are not permitted


No jewellery is allowed, except a small cross and chain (worn inside the shirt), a watch with a plain black or navy strap and one pair of small,  plain  gold  or  silver  studs, worn  in  the  ear  lobes  in a conventional manner.

N.B. If your daughter is going to have her ear lobes pierced, please have this done at the beginning of the holidays so that studs can be removed in school for PE.

  • No bands or hair bands are to be worn around the wrist
  • No visible body piercings, including tongue studs, are allowed

No badges, except those indicating an official responsibility in school, may be worn.