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Click for updates during the current cold weather

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Click for updates during the current cold weather

During the current cold weather, Mr Jackson, our site manager, will inspect the site every morning before 6.15am, to assess if the school is safe to open. The Senior Leadership Team will continue to monitor the weather forecast and on-site safety during the day.

Our students have remained calm and helpful during the challenging weather. However, many of them have arrived at school without coats and tights, which would have assisted in their comfort and safety whilst working and travelling in the exceptionally cold weather. We would be grateful for your support in changing this in the days ahead.

Any decision to change the school day will be communicated by text and on our website by 6.30am. Regrettably, we cannot answer individual queries about the likelihood of the school closing early by telephone. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with our electronic communication systems so effectively.