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Students’ Work

Sofia Alvarez Vazquez

Year 10 have been looking at changes in society during the Weimar Republic in the 1920s. They were tasked with creating a poster for an exhibition at the ‘Museum of History’ on an aspect of Art or Culture.

The class produced a high level of work, with Sofia’s work the pick of the bunch… a national museum exhibition poster would do well to mimic the design!

Ava Broder

Ava is a very talented art student who always went above and beyond what was expected of her. She has been an absolute joy to teach and we were delighted when she let us know that a painting she had created of her sister Orla, had been accepted for the ‘Young people’s summer exhibition’ at the Royal Academy of Arts. This is an extremely prestigious honour and her work was chosen for the exhibition from over 30, 00 candidates. It is an incredible achievement and we wish her well in her future artistic endeavours. You can see the painting in room 18!

Ms Russell and Mrs. Hannaby

Zara Southgate

Year 9 have been looking at what makes an event of person in history significant.  Zara Southgate produced outstanding work on an event she considers significant in history, she even spoke to her grandfather who grew up under apartheid.