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Coloma is very proud of its history of academic achievement as can be seen in our most recent examination results both at GCSE and A Level.  The hard work, focus and dedication shown by pupils and staff alike has delivered results which are amongst the very highest for any truly comprehensive, non selective Girls’ school in the country.

Our philosophy of teaching and learning rigour combined with our ethos that every member of the school community is encouraged to see that they can make a positive difference through love, commitment and service, combine to create a unique learning environment where pupils flourish both academically and personally.

GCSE 2015 – 2016 Academic Year

 GCSE Results 2015 -2016 A* A B C D E F  G U
 GCSE % by Grade  14.36 25.4 26.35 22.20 8.61 2.26 0.65 0.18 0.00
 GCSE Cumulative % by Grade  14.36 39.76 66.11 88.31 96.91 99.17 99.82 100 100

5 A*-C Pass Rate 93%

5A*-C Pass Rate (Inc English & Mathematics) 86%

A Level 2015 – 2016 Academic Year

 A Level Results   2015-2016  A* A B C D E U X
 A Level % by Grade 8.04 24.62 34.42 24.12 8.04 0.75 0.00 0.00
 A Level Cumulative % by Grade 8.04 32.66 67.09 91.21 99.25 100 100 100

A*- A Pass Rate 32%

A* – B Pass Rate 67%

A*- C Pass Rate 86%

For more detailed results by subject please see our GCSE and A Level Academic Results pages, which you will find in the Main Menu under ‘TEACHING & LEARNING’.

You may also select the link below which will take you to the Academic Performance Tables on the Department for Education (DfE) website.