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Two Coloma Generations

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Two Coloma Generations

Clare Pepper (née Mahoney) Coloma years 71-79 (Prep) 79-85 (Secondary) looks at what life holds for her daughter, Hannah, and her friends, since leaving Coloma

Having been asked to write a piece for this magazine about my daughter and her friends, who left Coloma in 2014, their achievements since leaving school have made me reflect on what exactly Coloma has really given them.

Four years since leaving Coloma, after studying for a degree in English and Film at the University of Kent, my daughter Hannah has started interning at Cancer Research UK.  Hannah plans to pursue a career in the charity sector. The majority of her close friends from the Class of 2014 have also gone to University with degrees ranging from Graphic Design and History to Psychology and Drama. Clearly Coloma has given them the ability to study subjects which they find engaging, and embark on careers as clinical psychologists, lawyers, asset managers and bankers; although this diversity does not really show how their close friendships continue to flourish. In good and bad times they have stuck together and their stories of the trials and tribulations they have encountered continue to fuel our dining room table conversations. From trekking across Vietnam together to demonstrating their civilised sides whilst hosting dinner parties for each other; it is Coloma which created their bond.

Looking back (a little further) to the Class of 1985; over the last 18 months my friends and I have just celebrated our 50th birthdays and continue to meet up frequently. We have all led varied careers and lives but when we meet up it still doesn’t feel like 33 years since we walked out of the gates onto Upper Shirley Road for the last time. We laugh and reminisce just as my daughter, Hannah, and her friends do and as I am sure will continue to do. 

Clare Pepper