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Voting & Democracy Lecture

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Voting & Democracy Lecture

On Wednesday 31st January, Ms Ria Ivandic, Post Graduate Teaching Assistant in Politics at the London School of Economics delivered a lecture to sixth form students on Why YOU should vote: a brief history of democracy.

Ms Ivandic is currently working toward her PHD on a behavioural theory of voter turnout. Her primary research interest is the economic analysis of electoral politics. The lecture outlined the historical background of the enfranchisement of women.

Students were surprised to find that women in Portugal were not enfranchised until 1976! It also compared the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments across the world. It assessed the reasons people give for not turning out to vote and evaluated different options for increasing turnout.

Examples from UK and USA elections will be used to show how voter turnout affects results and why we should never waste our opportunity to vote.