Year 12 Visit Parliament & the Supreme Court

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Year 12 Visit Parliament & the Supreme Court

On Wednesday 10th October the Year 12 Government and Politics and Law students travelled to Westminster for a tour of the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court.

They also visited the Parliamentary Education centre where they took part in a workshop on elections. They analysed the results of the 2017 general election, which used the first-past-the-post system, to assess how effectively each party was represented. The same votes were then counted using proportional voting systems which were also critically assessed. This was followed by a debate over which electoral system gives a fairer result.

The students got to meet the Croydon Central MP, Sarah Jones, who was happy to answer their questions about her work.

They then visited the Supreme Court where they were able to sit in the public gallery and watch the proceedings in a case where the appellant sought a judgement on whether a hospital had breached its duty of care towards him.