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Year 7 Poetry

Year 7 have been writing poetry as part of their PSHE curriculum following a lesson on the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are some of their thought provoking pieces of work.

Growing up life has been hard not knowing that

Our lives could end any moment. Our skin colour

Justifies if we live or die.


Black is beautiful black is strong black is wonderful.

Let us serve our rights so that this world can have peace

Until then no justice no peace. We get judged because of skin colour but why

By Adedoyin Adebari


Black or White, Our blood is the same.

Racism is serious, it isnt game.

All these people in fear of their lives

Because of their colour,they shouldnt be despised.


Under the skin everyone has a heart

And because of that, humanity shouldnt be torn apart

Looks don’t matter, it’s important you know because

Your race doesn’t change you, though sadly it might feel like it does.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

By Jasmine Calleb


By Amelia Lonycz



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