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Despite many changes and challenges Coloma continues to grow and deliver excellence in education. Whilst academic results are outstanding, life at Coloma is about much more than success in the classroom. There are a wide range of extra-curricular and service related activities. These develop specific skills but equally importantly build up values and friendships that girls leaving Coloma take with them for the rest of their lives.

Although in many ways Coloma is a very formal and traditional school it equally does not stand still. Facilities are constantly being updated and teachers at the school are always looking for new and innovative ways of including technology within their lessons. We are proud of our Comprehensive intake and although results are comparable and sometimes better than similarly sized grammar schools what is important is that every girl fulfils her potential, works hard and does her best.

There is a well-developed pastoral system and developing community links which recognise the school’s importance both within the Catholic and local communities. The recently completed Jubilee Centre, the 3G Floodlight all-weather pitch and the Winton House Performing arts Centre have already expanded the range of activity on the site and support the long standing successes in charity fundraising and community service activities.

In 2010 the Guardian recognised Coloma as being the best Girls’ Comprehensive school in the country. This is what we believe in and will continue to strive to achieve and maintain but we will also reach out to others, for example to help other schools and their staff and pupils achieve similar success. Partnerships with The Good Shepherd RC Primary School and the current sponsorship of The Quest Academy – Coloma Trust and The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy – Coloma Trust are striking examples of Coloma’s outreach intentions.

As we look forward we continue to keep all that is good of the old and develop the best of the new. Standing still is not an option. We stride forward into the future with great confidence knowing that the standards and values that we take with us were right in the past, are still valid today and will remain so in the future.