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If your daughter has not been offered a place at Coloma, you have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. This right applies in respect of all applications for all Year Groups.

If you decide to appeal, you will need to consider;

  • The published admissions criteria and arrangements set out in the Admissions Policy
  • The reason for wanting your daughter to attend Coloma
  • The alternative schools available

How Do I Make an Appeal?

The contact email for appeals is admissions.appeals@coloma.croydon.sch.uk. All paperwork must be completed and returned with evidence/other supporting documentation by the date stipulated in our response to our initial request. Please try to include all documentation at the time of submitting the appeal, as it may not be possible for the panel to consider additional submissions on or near the hearing date.



If your daughter has not been offered a place at Coloma and you listed us as a higher preference when applying than the school you have been offered, the Local Authority will automatically ask us to add her to our waiting list.

If this does not apply, please contact your local authority and ask them to record your request to be added to our waiting list as well as emailing us at admissions.appeals@coloma.croydon.sch.uk , including your daughter’s full name, address and date of birth with your request.

Please note: It is important to accept the place you have been offered for your child so that she is not left without any school place in September. Acceptance or refusal of a place at another school cannot be taken into account by the Independent Appeal Panel.


Wednesday 1st March  National Offer Day
Thursday 2nd March  Parents/Carers whose child(ren) have not been offered a place in the initial round are asked to email admissions.appeals@coloma.croydon.sch.uk if they would like to be added onto the Waiting List or to request information regarding the Appeals Process.
3rd – 14th March  Easter Holiday
Wednesday 26th April  Last Day for appeal forms to be submitted with documentation
Monday 1st May  May Bank Holiday 
Monday 8th May Coronation Bank Holiday
Friday 19th May Notification of Date and Time of Appeal Hearings
Friday 26th May Deadline for Appellants to submit any additional evidence
Monday 29th May Spring Bank Holiday
29th May – 2nd June Half Term
End of June Appeal Hearings. Appellants will be allocated a specific time, date and Zoom link for their individual hearings.
Within one week of panel decision Deadline for despatch of outcome letters


Applications for Admission from September 2023

Applications for Admission from September 2022 – July 2023