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CCF Leadership Cadre

On the weekend of the 22nd-23rd March, a group of Cadets from Army and RAF sections went on a leadership cadre together.

On Friday night, to be tested on our confidence, we presented on topics relating to the Army and RAF.

Waking bright and early on Saturday morning having slept at Longmoor, we departed for Pirbright, a Phase 1 Army Training Centre. We improved our shooting skills by using the DCCT (electronic shooting range) and then developed our teamwork, courage and determination on the obstacle course.

During the afternoon, we each individually led a command task. This is a challenge designed to test your problem solving and logical thinking skills under time pressure. This proved to be a difficult but rewarding exercise.

Overall, the weekend highlighted everyone’s strengths and areas for improvement providing some very useful feedback.

Written by Coloma NCOs, Gemma De Guingand, Stephanie Dickens, Grace Curran and Nicole Karkut