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CCF Summer Camp

At the beginning of July, cadets from Coloma aged 13 to 18 travelled to MOD Bicester in Oxfordshire. We were hosted by the DEMS Regiment (Defence, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training Regiment) who gave us an insight into their work.

During the week, we were able to use military metal detectors and find model IEDs buried in the ground; we saw a demonstration of the military working dogs; we fired rifles on a 25m range to work on our marksmanship; we also slept out in the field for 3 nights.

Our personal highlight of the week was our visit to the local Fire Station where we got to experiment with some fire extinguishers, use a jet powered water hose and cool off in a soaking shower on a ridiculously hot day.

As always CCF camp is incredibly important in developing individuals and working on their teamwork abilities. Many of our Coloma girls proved their skills and thus were promoted to higher ranks; some of these were incredibly lucky to be promoted by the Colonel in the DEMS Regiment.

We look forward to a new cohort of cadets this year and are very thankful to Claudia Pickup and Anna Dyduch, our Sergeant Majors, and as we say goodbye, we wish them luck in their future prospects.

Written by Staff Sergeant Joanna Vieira O’Neill and Staff Sergeant Flora Dell’Accio, both in Year 12.