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On Sunday, 22nd September, some of Coloma’s percussion students were asked to perform a percussion piece at the Colourscape Festival on Clapham Common in London.

Colourscape is a walk-in installation of colour and light, originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70s. Over 35 have been made, in many different sizes and shapes, offering different experiences around the world.

Our students played a piece written by David Stevens on long bells, each with a different tone, alongside an adult chamber choir. The piece was played brilliantly four times throughout the day so that the public could enjoy the music inside the installation.

Each student was in her own separate chamber around the structure, which meant that they relied on only the sound of the person next to them to know when to start playing. This created a sensory experience inside the whole Colourscape, with the mixture of bells and colourful light.

The overall experience was unique and inspiring for those who participated.

Lydia Hervey
Year 13