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What is Pass the Baton?

We call our Gift Aid Covenant Donation scheme ‘Pass the Baton’, symbolising how we work and evolve, constantly ‘passing on the baton’ to the next generation of Coloma families, ensuring continuing improvements and enhancements to your daughter’s education.

As a Voluntary Aided School, we receive minimal funding and rely heavily on your contributions to purchase new equipment, keep up with technological change, make premises improvements and pay for new facilities. 

We depend on your generosity to support the pupils and therefore hope that you join in and ‘accept the baton’ as we are unable to sustain our level of success and improvement without your support.

What is the School Doing?

In 2018/19 we renewed the staircases in the main building, had roofs repaired and replaced the drinking fountains.  We also purchased additional laptops and contributed funds towards receiving a brand new minibus (via the Sunshine Coach Programme).

2019/20 we are planning to

  • transform the library into a bright, modern facility, updating the resources to reflect the interests, abilities and backgrounds of our pupils and provide them with the learning environment they need.
  • update the MFL block by decorating, renewing carpets and renewing much needed furniture

As well as annual improvements, we are working hard on future developments for your daughter and the school – planning for new buildings.

How Do I Get Involved?

Joining the scheme is simple.

We are asking you to kindly contribute £40* a month, per child. This amount is at your discretion/ based on what you are able to commit to on a regular basis.

Please ensure you sign and return the Gift Aid declaration along with your Direct Debit/donation form so we can claim an extra 25% on top of your donation.                                                                          

What To Do Next?

Monthly Donations

Complete and return the Direct Debit mandate and the Gift Aid form to the school Finance Office. A direct debit will then be set up with your bank and payments will be taken each month and paid directly to the school.

Annual or One-Off Donations

If you are unable to make monthly donations, you can donate annually or you can make a one-off donation by sending a cheque made payable to Coloma  Convent Girls’ School  and return along with a completed Gift Aid form to the school Finance Office.


Already a Member?

If you are already part of the Pass the Baton scheme you can amend the amount you donate by completing a new Direct  Debit form and ticking the ‘Revised Instruction’ box at the top of the page. 

We really do appreciate every pound we receive from the scheme and the funds raised are put to use directly to enhance your daughter’s education and opportunities.

*We understand that this is not possible for all, but please support the school with whatever contribution you are able to make.