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Design Your Own Eco School

As Eco-captain, I entered a ‘Design your own eco school competition’ in which I designed what I thought an eco-friendly school of the future would look like by adding things like solar panels and a space for flowers to grow. A few weeks after I entered my design, I was informed that I had made it to be a finalist and got an opportunity to go to The Crystal in Lindon to see if I had won the competition for Years 7-8.

After checking in we were taken to a hall while the exhibition was being set up. All around the room there were tables of people explaining what to do for a living and about all the opportunities that are open to me. One person there had worked on designing the cable car (which is what I travelled to The Crystal in).  Another person had even worked on the Shard. Many of the things these people talked about really interested me and I enjoyed talking to them.

Once the exhibition was eventually set up we were allowed to enter and have a look around the various eco displays there. They showed us many different ways to create different types of reusable energy such as wind turbines, in which one wind turbine cold produce enough electrical power to run a small town. There was also water that created electrical power using tidal flows. I found these great ideas but felt the water turbine was more superior due to the fact that there are always predictable tidal flows but you cannot always guarantee that there will be sufficient wind to power the wind turbines. We also got to see and interact with how to store and save energy and water sufficiently in the buildings of the future. On this display we were able to interact in designing a computer-generated house of the future by selecting the best components we thought would best suit the environment that the given house was located in.

By this time we were caught up looking at the displays and luckily one of the organisers of the event found us and led us into the auditorium. There were already about 300 people seated. To my surprise they had reserved seats for us at the front. I found the lecture very intriguing as it was all about surveying and the different aspects of the job. The audience felt very included as they had question and answer and also interactive quizzes where we used keypads to answer multiple choice questions.

At the end of the lecture it was finally time to find out the winners of the competition. I felt overjoyed as I saw my name and school appeared on the big screen and they announced I had come first place for the Years 7-8 category.

I feel very proud to have received this award and thank the teachers who entered me into this competition.

Niamh Urquhart 7W