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European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages assembly was a real highlight of this autumn’s assemblies. The assembly began with a video of university students of foreign languages from across the globe, exemplifying the wonderful diversity of languages spoken on this planet.

The assembled Year 10 and 11 students were then interested to learn of all the benefits that language-learning can bring, not least how it can add to our intelligence, give us greater confidence and improve our skills in English too!

It was then fantastic for our Key Stage 4 students to see Sixth Formers studying for A-levels in French, German and Spanish speaking spontaneously in those languages about their love of language learning and what they most enjoy about the A-level course, their comments then being translated into English by Mrs Howat and Mr Handley. 

It is of course so pleasing that so many of our Coloma language students go on to top universities and then enjoy careers with fantastic global opportunities.

The assembly was completed with a lovely selection of photos taken on this year’s educational visits to Munich, to the Loire Valley and to Berlin along with a very thought-provoking prayer which reflected on the vital importance of foreign language speakers in bringing trade, international understanding and peace to our world. 

Mr A Handley