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Coloma Family Well-being

This page is dedicated to providing you with information, videos, links and strategies that you can use to support the wellbeing of your daughter and in turn your whole family. Your daughter will also have access to her own Google Classroom geared towards her Key Stage. Community is one of the most important elements to support wellbeing and positive mental health. 

January 2021

Food Bank Information

In these challenging times there has been a lot of talk about free school meals and food poverty in the media. The document below shows all the local food banks we know about – it tells you both where you can donate and collect food. Please click the image below […]

December 2020

The Power of Listening

Listening is one of the most under rated things we can do for another person. As human beings we often like to solve ‘problems’. We want to take action and most of all…give advice! As soon as you become a parent everyone seems to have advice on everything from nappy […]

November 2020

Isolating at Home

Your child may suddenly have to stay home from school and the family to isolate. Click HERE (or on the image below) for lots of ways to keep healthy at home during isolation. 


July 2020

Action for Happiness

Today marks the start of a new month in 2020. An ease in restrictions awaits us this weekend. For some people this is exactly what they have been eagerly anticipating and will bring a lot of joy. For others it may be different – it may cause anxiety, confusion or […]

June 2020

A Wellbeing Guide

Today is the 80th day of lockdown. We have grown accustomed to working and living in new ways. We may have started out with very good intentions about how to look after ourselves and those around us during lockdown but it is easy to forget some of the wellbeing […]

May 2020

Friday 15th May

Bereavement and Grieving 

For all those who need support in the Coloma Community


“Nothing is the same after the death of a parent, brother or sister. At first, it may feel like a storm; you may feel sad, or want to hide away or feel nothing at all – these mixed emotions […]