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Coloma Family Well-being

This page is dedicated to providing you with information, videos, links and strategies that you can use to support the wellbeing of your daughter and in turn your whole family. Your daughter will also have access to her own Google Classroom geared towards her Key Stage.

It is also a way of remaining connected during this time of distancing. Community is one of the most important elements to support wellbeing and positive mental health. As we cannot meet in person, this classroom will be one way of maintaining contact and support.

Tuesday 31st March

We have created a new page on the website called Develop your Cultural Capital linked here which we hope will inspire you to engage in arts, culture, museums, global exploration and online learning about almost anything! We hope you can find time to take up some free opportunities being made available during #Stayathome. Below is a newly arrived offer for free Yoga for teenagers

TeenYogFoundation is offering a free class for teens everyday #zenchallenge. There are teachers offering daily yoga, wellbeing tips and a challenge. It is suitable for 11-21 year olds. This is the link to the channel.

Monday 23rd March

At 9am everyday ‘The Body Coach’ is doing a live 30min session of PE/exercise to help keep children and young people moving and feeling good. You can join in live at 9am or find it on his Youtube channel later in the day. Doing it live is a great way of feeling connected to others. Today he had 806K viewers joining in the workout at 9am!

You can watch it on a laptop, TV or prop up your phone and give it a go. If you have more than one child then see if they can do it together as a nice way to start the day (or to break up the morning if your child gets up as early as mine!). All the exercises can be done in one spot so you don’t need heaps of space.

Wednesday 25th March

Claire Harrison writes

A suggestion for today…..Try using music to support the wellbeing and moods of everyone at home.

Music has a profound impact on how we feel. We are exposed to music or sound most of the day and often do not even notice it – in TV programmes, on the radio, people talking (tone/volume).

With several people in the house together all day every day it is no doubt going to get tense at times. Use music as a way of shifting or lifting the atmosphere.

Try listening to a playlist that will keep everyone relaxed. If you have Spotify, Youtube or Amazon Music you can type in ‘Relaxing morning music’ and lots of options will pop up. Put it on a low level as a background sound.

 Alternatively. music with a strong beat and uplifting lyrics to boost the mood. One of my favourites at the moment is the ‘Mood Booster’ playlist on Spotify.