Friday 15th May

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Friday 15th May

Bereavement and Grieving 

For all those who need support in the Coloma Community


“Nothing is the same after the death of a parent, brother or sister. At first, it may feel like a storm; you may feel sad, or want to hide away or feel nothing at all – these mixed emotions are normal and all part of your grieving process.”

Bereavement and grieving are incredibly complex experiences for anyone regardless of age. It is something we have or will experience throughout our lives. The current situation makes any death, whether from Coronavirus or other circumstances, that much more difficult.

We have put together some information for everyone in the community – whether you have experienced bereavement during this time or know someone who has. Please use the resources or pass them on to someone who might need them. Please click the links below.

Teenager Guide to Life After a Bereavement

Responding to Bereavement

Children’s Concepts of Death by Age

If you would like more support or guidance please do get in touch.