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Jack Petchey Awards

This term has seen six more students winning Jack Petchey Awards. Jack Petchey Awards are designed to celebrate and reward outstanding young people. Each student has won £300 to spend on something in school or a trip.

Jessica Obace in Year 10 has just been elected Coloma’s first ever Head Prefect. She has fully embraced the Coloma culture of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ and continues to lead by example. She is an excellent role model and already has many leadership traits; she is confident, ambitious, listens and cares. The election process was very robust and included a presentation, making a video, a whole student body vote and an interview by the Headteacher. Throughout the process she has shown pride in character and her school. 

Despite much of her time at Coloma being during Covid, Jessica has still managed to fully embrace, and proactively seek out, the opportunities available to her. She helps coach Year 7 netball, she put the school prayer to music, she has sung solo at Mass, she started an origami club for others to enjoy, and has the respect of her peers and teachers. Jessica is an excellent role model for the student body and will lead this new student leadership team with her ambition, drive and passion.

Jessica was nominated by both staff and multiple students. Jessica is going to spend her grant money on resources to promote student leadership around the school such as pin badges for the newly elected team and a board to record the names of the leadership team.

Evie Lippett has been the Year 8Y book monitor since September. She looks after the book boxes and signs students choices in her note book to ensure she knows who has taken out what. She also helps students from other Year 8 forms who wish to borrow a book from the box and has suggested new books that we could get. She is basically the Year 8 Librarian and has done so with no fuss at all.

Anita Hilger consistently embodies the key phrase of the school – she works hard and is kind to her peers. Anita acts a role model to her peers and is respected by the students in her form. She can be trusted to help students who find work challenging and will go out of her way to repeat instructions and to guide her peers. She brings her positive personality to every English lesson and has made some exceptional analytical comments in class. Her ability to identify the way Dickens used alliteration in Great Expectations to convey elements of Estella’s personality was great. This is the type of comment expected from a student at GCSE level so the fact that Anita was able to make these comments in Year 8 is particularly impressive.

Evie and Anita are going to spend their grant on a whole-year group trip to the London Dungeons.

Following her accident whilst playing sport (it is her dream to be a professional sports person), Tinala Lynch in Year 11 has been resilient, attending school every day unless she has appointments and returning quickly after her major surgery. She also approaches school positively and has accessed the inclusion room where she consistently completes work and tries her best not to fall behind. Tinala has thrived in the face of adversity and is not going to allow her accident and injury to prevent her from reaching her ambition and fulfilling her GCSE potential.

Chizim Obimah has gone above and beyond volunteering her time to help design and make the dog puppet for the school production of Annie. This is indicative of her living out the school motto of ‘work hard, be kind’ in everything she does acting as a role model for other students. Helping with the school production is a big time commitment but she fulfils this alongside her academic and other extra curricular activities. Chizim is putting her prize money towards a Year 7 trip to see the musical “&Juliet”.

Saffron Manuel in Year 9 can always be found at break and lunchtime in the music department practising on instruments and preparing for performances. What is fantastic about Saffron’s attitude towards music is her can do approach – where she is more than willing to pick up an instrument, experiment and then perform. Testament to this was when Saffron performed with her band at the concerts at school over the past year. Saffron is self-taught and has managed to master some fantastic skills on the guitar, piano and is more than willing to have a go on the drums. Saffron is an asset to the music department and is always willing to develop her skills and get involved. Saffron has purchased a new guitar and strings for the music department with her grant money.