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Midwife and ICU Nurse Visit Coloma 6th Form

Two Health professionals, Alison, a patient safety midwife and Rachel an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse visited our Year 12 and 13 Health and Social Care students to give a talk on their roles and responsibilities, day-to-day specific responsibilities. Students were impressed by these experiences and gained full insight in to what the career pathway entailed. See their comments below:

Responses from students:

‘As someone who is looking to go into midwifery, the visitors were extremely helpful in providing information about all aspects of what the job is really like’. – Aroosa


‘I found the talk very fascinating as both of the ladies were from two different backgrounds and they managed to enter the profession. For example, one of them dropped out of school, with no GCSE but went back and got her qualifications.’ – Lesley


‘I found the talk last week very beneficial as it gave me an insight into what it’s like working as a nurse or midwife. It was interesting to find out that the woman who worked as an ICU nurse dropped out of school at a young age but managed to return to education.’ – Chi-chi


‘I found it very helpful when they mentioned the different routes you can go to qualify as a nurse and midwife. I also found it beneficial to know how easy it is to specialise in different in nursing.’ – Halle


‘The visit was very informative. They dived into the roles and responsibilities required to be a midwife and/or nurse. I believe their visit gave us better insight into the right career path to consider and the diverse range of options to choose from.’  – Trisha


‘The talk was very beneficial for me as the midwife was able to answer all my queries that I would not be able to find online as it was personal.’ – Phoebe


‘Very informative which allowed me to gain a wider insight in the day-to-day life of healthcare professionals.’ – Sara


‘Had an amazing experience being able to understand how much health professionals do for the community.’ – Melin


‘I believe it was quite beneficial in explaining the different ways to qualify for professionals and the many roles involved.’ – Kalia


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