Wednesday 25th March

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Wednesday 25th March

Claire Harrison writes

A suggestion for today…..Try using music to support the wellbeing and moods of everyone at home.

Music has a profound impact on how we feel. We are exposed to music or sound most of the day and often do not even notice it – in TV programmes, on the radio, people talking (tone/volume).

With several people in the house together all day every day it is no doubt going to get tense at times. Use music as a way of shifting or lifting the atmosphere.

Try listening to a playlist that will keep everyone relaxed. If you have Spotify, Youtube or Amazon Music you can type in ‘Relaxing morning music’ and lots of options will pop up. Put it on a low level as a background sound.

 Alternatively. music with a strong beat and uplifting lyrics to boost the mood. One of my favourites at the moment is the ‘Mood Booster’ playlist on Spotify.