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World Day of Prayer

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World Day of Prayer

This year, Friday 1st March commemorated not only St David’s Day, Patron Saint of Wales, but also the World Day of Prayer led by women.

This year’s resources have been provided by the people of Slovenia under the title ‘Come, Everything is Ready’.

During lunch a small group of teachers came together to pray and reflect on the theme and on how women are empowered in many different ways. The Gospel reading was the story of Martha & Mary and reminded us that sometimes women are so busy ‘doing’ that they forget to take time and just ‘be’, sitting in the presence of God. Beautiful hymns and prayers were shared, taking Our Blessed Lady as a model.

A prayer for women

Lord God, we are gathered together today 

to give you praise and thanks

for your loving kindness to us.


Make us aware that it is not just what we do that is important 

but how we do it.


Help us to be courageous, strong, caring,

passionate and compassionate

whatever our age, race or circumstances.


Let us bear witness to your love for all people

so that we may be

peaceful and joyful women.                        


Diana Ng-Sutherland and Catherine Gorman