Year 10 Watch Macbeth

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Year 10 Watch Macbeth

On the 5th of March 2020, Year 10 were able to watch a beautifully executed modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest Tragedy Macbeth.

The main plot of the play stayed true to the original storyline. However, there were some adjustments that gave the production some extra flair: Duncan was presented as old and frail; the witches were played by children – this enhanced the creepy and sinister aura of the play; and the Porter acted like a Grim Reaper figure counting the number of deaths.

One aspect of this production that I really enjoyed was the final scene, where Macbeth surrenders and is killed by Macduff; the digital clock in the play hit 00:00:00. I enjoyed this because it was the moment the audience had been waiting for and it implied that order had been restored to the world of the play.

Overall, it was a very useful and enjoyable experience because not only will it help us with our Literature GCSE, it also provided us all with a deeper understanding of the play.

Yoko Thomas (Year 10)