Year 12 Trip to Hamilton

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Year 12 Trip to Hamilton

On Tuesday 25th April, 15 students from Year 12 had the opportunity to go and see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Arthusaa Yogarajaa, wrote this piece to share her experience:-

“Even for those not familiar with musicals, Hamilton was excellent! We had some upbeat, modern songs which were flawlessly performed. The production, acting, choreo, stage set up and the theatre venue was great. My personal favourite role was King George III who made me laugh so much. Not only did we get the chance to watch the musical but we also got to take part in the production Q+A, which gave behind-the-scenes tricks used during the show. We had the cast, directors, designers, and musicians explain their specific parts in the production and gave tips on jobs within the acting industry. It’s hard to believe how much hard work must have gone into this musical. Overall, we were very glad to have had the opportunity to go and watch Hamilton the Musical.”



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