Extra Curriculuar Activities

An important part of life at Coloma is our focus on the provision of extracurricular activities which the girls are encouraged to take part in.

As with any school these activities provide an important background and balance to academic studies, enabling students to gain life experiences which enrich and enable personal growth and development. Whether it’s getting involved with our charitable work through taking a role in our Charities week fundraising, travelling to Europe on our regular sport and music tours, attending camps as part of the CCF contingent, or simply going to Chess Club once a week, there is opportunity for everyone to seek out and find an activity which they enjoy.

Coloma offers a large number of clubs and societies. These are a mixture of teacher and 6th form led activities that take place both at lunchtimes and after school.  

Our Schedules for 2022-23 can be viewed by clicking the link below. Other groups and societies will be added during the school year.


Since September 2009, Coloma students have joined forces with cadets at Royal Russell School for weekly meetings of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). 

What is the CCF?

The CCF Contingent is a voluntary School activity and youth organisation. Cadets follow a one year course in basic cadet training and then in Year 10 opt for either the Army or RAF Sections. Weekly parades are held on Monday evenings between 7pm and 9pm at Royal Russell School

Skills and Qualifications

By Joining in with CCF activities Coloma pupils benefit not only from the fun and enjoyment they provide but also from the opportunities to acquire life skills and qualifications such as in First Aid.  

The regular activities of camps, courses and expeditions are excellent at building confidence and enhancing personal development and reflect well Coloma’s ethos with their emphasis on commitment, responsibility and teamwork.

The Programme

At commencement Cadets follow a one year course in ‘Training Squadron’ where they participate in a range of military-style training activities such as drill, fieldcraft and weapons training.  Students also have the option to attend annual camp on a military base and to take part in other local and national events. 

In their second year of CCF, students choose between the Army and RAF sections of the contingent.  Cadets have opportunities to fly with Air Experience Flights and those in the RAF Section can achieve gliding qualifications

All cadets follow prescribed courses relevant to their length of service and qualification level. Some camps (e.g. Annual Camp) are obligatory; but most camps, courses and competitions are optional extras, although cadets are encouraged to attend. Adventure training is an important component of the offering made and includes skiing, rock climbing, hill walking, kayaking and scuba diving.

Learning More

Coloma are delighted to be continuing to join with the Royal Russell Contingent and pupils who wish to learn more about the CCF and its activities should contact Miss Leggatt in the PE department at Coloma.