Coloma Primary School, Uganda

We are pleased to support, through our fundraising, the work of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph at Coloma Primary School in Uganda.  In 2021, the money raised in Charities Week was used to buy new beds & mattresses, desks & chairs, dining room tables & benches.

Coloma Primary School began in 2010 and is owned and run by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph as a private boarding school. The school has a special care and concern for orphans and for children from vulnerable homes, and many such children either receive full or partial sponsorship supported by sponsors in Europe and the USA.

As of 2019, the school had 9 classes and 315 pupils. There is a double stream in Primary 3 and Primary 5 (8-9 year olds and 10-11 year olds) and it is hoped to gradually have double streams in all the classes, bringing the total number of pupils up to 600.  Six DMJ Sisters work at the school, forming part of the total of 17 teachers and 33 support staff.  Attached to the school there is a farm for both cattle and crop production, which employs 9 people.

The school started with a minimum of buildings and since then has been trying to build up the infrastructure. As of 2019, showers, dining room, kitchen and stores, toilets and 2 staff houses had been completed, while a dormitory was under construction.

All of the developments that have taken place since 2010 would have been impossible to achieve without the help of friends overseas and the many funding agencies that have assisted the school.  They are truly grateful for all their sponsors and donors – for without them this school would still be in its infancy.

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