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Timings of the School Day

7.30am School pedestrian gates open for students.
Breakfast served 7.30am-8.10am for ALL year groups in the dining hall
Y7-11 must remain on the playground
Y12&13 may go to the Sixth Form common room
8.15am All students in Y7-11 to line up on the playground in Tutor Group line. All tutors and HoYs will collect students.
8.20-8.40am Registration
8.40-9.30 Period 1 All students
9.30-10.20am Period 2 All students
10.20-10.40 Break
10.40-11.30 Period 3 All students
11.30-12.20 Period 4 All students
12.20-1.00pm Lunch
12.20pm KS4 Line up to purchase food
12.30pm KS3 Line up to purchase food
1.00-1.50pm Period 5 All students
1.50-2.40pm Period 6 All students
2.40pm Dismissal for Y12 & Y13 at end of period 6 except for Friday
2.40-2.50pm Y12 Registration (Friday Only)
2.40pm Registration and form time or assembly for Y7-11
3.00pm Y7 Dismissal
3.05pm Y9 Dismissal
3.10pm Y8 Dismissal
3.15pm Y10 Dismissal
3.20pm Y11 Dismissal

Form tutors must walk forms out to the playground. Students wanting the 466 or 130 towards Croydon will be lined up in years on the playground.

All teaching staff to support until 3.15pm